Roof Cleaning Service Near Me in Mankato MN 2

That is an easy question for me to answer, the answer is Experience. I have been installing asphalt shingles, wood cedar shakes and steel panel roofing materials since 1986 and cleaning those same types of roofing materials since 2012.

A new company will not have the same reputation as an older company that has invested years into actually installing the roofing materials that we are cleaning, we have also gone through the many changes to installing and care/cleaning that the manufactures have made over the decades we have used their products.

I mentioned experience above and there is no substition for actually doing the work. You can read a book, watch a video, or go to a class and they will never gain the experience of someone who has installed and cleaned the roofing materials and product for decades.

Education is a huge factor. As a licensed minnesota general contractor, I have been attending the state mandated continuing education every year for over 24 years, but that is not the end of our education. We closely follow the manufactures technical bulletins as they come out and impliment changes immediately if needed. We go to classes and conferences to learn more and one huge advantage we have earned, is that we now are in a position to teach , coach and mentor people coming up in the cleaning industry. We are teaching people on vlogs, blogs, postcasts and in person at industry events. It is a real blessing to be able to share the knowledge we have gained over 38 years of actually doing the work.

Systems are important to have in the entire customer experience, we are proud to be a member of Soft Wash Systems. We use they tried and true systems for business, we use their equipment, we use their chemicals and we teach their systems at their conventions. We also are coaching and being coached by Howard Partridge and the Inner Circle. All the above systems help us take care of our customers at the highest levels.

A Guarantee is important and in roof cleaning, we provide a 5 year spot free warranty. This is also backed by Soft Wash Systems and should we ever go out of business, which never plan to, but if we do SWS will honor the warranty and clean the roof as part of their nationwide program. No one and I mean no one can offer that type of commitment.

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